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Statue with Bitcoin Glasses


Welcome to DeFiant Finance, where we explore how Bitcoin has the ability to change... everything.

By shifting economic power from centralized to decentralized control, we examine how this can empower individuals, rebalance global power, advance human rights, and shift individual attitudes and actions away from fear, toward hope for the future. 

Bitcoin is the inevitable foundation of the future of global finance. It will have an increasing and profound impact on financial services, particularly as a tool for economic empowerment and as the global currency for the internet.

The book DeFiant Finance explains the societal and macro-economic forces propelling these imminent changes. Available in late 2023. 

Coming soon to this site will be additional writings, educational resources, and tools to help you and others better understand the promise, and capture the potential of a Bitcoin-based financial standard. 

Always remember: Bitcoin, not "crypto".

I invite you to join me on my journey of exploring the positive changes that Bitcoin is facilitating in the world.

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